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As a single mom with 2 biological children I adopted my delightful infant son from Morocco, and we have been home for a few months now. This union, which continues to strengthen everyday, would not have formed without Robin, the in country partners and the whole Hopscotch Adoption team.

There are a few agencies that facilitate adoptions from Morocco, one that even offers being Islamically faith-based. So, families who chose to adopt from Morocco have options. After deciding to move forward, signing up with the right agency will be your next big decision. I highly recommend you partner with Hopscotch Adoptions because their experience, in country support, reputation, and sense of urgency, is what matters. Choosing any other agency will put you at risk as I witnessed with another family.

Signing with Hopscotch assured my success both pre and post adoption, I didn't realize it at the time how lucky I was when Googled pulled up Hopscotch. Another American family adopted alongside me, but did not sign with Hopscotch. I witnessed their struggles firsthand in Morocco. There was a huge contrast to our in country experience.

This contrast is specifically due to the in country support I received from Hopscotch partners, Adil and Sana I. I was given 24/7 support. Nothing could have given me more peace of mind being alone a foreign country.

The Hopscotch partner's English translation is excellent and they are well respected among the judges and orphanage staff who will ultimately execute the guardianship for your child. In contrast, the courts REFUSED to work with the other family's agency's translator, a reflection of their poor reputation in the courts.

Hopscotch in country partners are invested in ensuring you go home with your child. Their passion is evident. Adil attended my son's circumcision appointment and EVERY follow-up to ensure his safety and care. In contrast, I saw the other family left to fend for themselves without a translator putting their child's safety at risk.

I think the most significant piece was that I was taken through each step of the process professionally and efficiently, and with the needed emotional support. I was on time for every interview in country. In contrast, the other family MISSED their US consulate appointment because of the lack of planning and sense of urgency from their agency's in country partner.

These are just a few examples of how important this decision is. My message to families interested in adopting from Morocco is to strongly consider the trustworthiness and experience of Hopscotch Adoptions. While the unexpected should always be expected, you can be assured that both the US and in country Hopscotch partners will do their utmost best to ensure your success and safe return home with your baby.



Allow me to comment on the services and support from the [team in Armenia]. They are both knowledgeable, experienced professionals. They provided the perfect balance of emotional support and legal direction. At the end of the day, on that specific day, I’m there to appear in court. If I can’t get over that hurdle, I get no prize. And as a lawyer, walking into any court, I have to feel prepared. I felt that and felt confident with the direction and counsel of [the Armenian team]. There really is no other way to go through this process.



The road to adopt our 3 year old son from Ghana, West Africa was one wrought with a roller coaster of emotions. As in any international adoption, there are road blocks that come up along the way. There is not another organization that Rob and I would rather have been with through all of the hurdles than Robin Sizemore and Michelle Moreau at Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. We love their passion and compassion for the children they are desperately trying to help find forever families. Our family is blessed beyond measure to have these two women be a part of our adoption story. They are caring, understanding, empathetic and genuinely love the families they work with and the children they are representing. We couldn't have and wouldn't have made it through without having them by our side each step of the way! Emmanuel has now been home for 4 1/2 months and we look forward to taking a trip to North Carolina soon so that he/we can thank these two wonderful ladies and the rest of the Hopscotch staff for the love and encouragement they've shown our family.



Five weeks ago we brought home our precious 2-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl, brother and sister, from Ghana, West Africa. The long journey was made possible and endurable by the wonderful staff at Hopscotch Adoptions. Michelle Moreau brought so much hope and light to our journey with her positive attitude and genuine excitement for us. She celebrated every milestone with us as if these children were her very own. When we ran into obstacles, both Michelle, and Robin Sizemore, walked through them with us every step of the way. Beyond their hard work and care, these two women also prayed for us and shed tears of joy when our kids were finally in our arms. We couldn't have asked for a better "family" to work with to bring our kids home.

—Sue Skalicky


Hopscotch has been amazing to our family. We were their first family in Morocco. They were with us every step of the way. Even being the first family with many unknowns, they could not have been better in their support and ability to help us get our baby home. This was also our first adoption and they completely held our hands to help get us through the process and get all of our questions answered to make us as comfortable as possible. They made sure we had great support in country and made it very easy for us. They also helped us make a very smooth transition back home with our new child. Robin and her team displayed character and integrity that gave me total confidence in them. Our family is now complete thanks in large part to Hopscotch.

—Drummond Family


We are blessed and fortunate to have become parents through adoption by working with Robin Sizemore and the team at Hopscotch Adoptions. Our daughter is our greatest gift and blessing in this life. We had experienced first-hand the heartache of what can go wrong in international adoption when agencies and governments turn a blind eye to poor in-country practices. As a result, we researched ethics and the politics of international adoption thoroughly before proceeding again and were directed to Hopscotch by an international adoption and policy expert. Robin never shied away from any of the difficult questions we asked and that should be asked when you embark on this journey. She works extensively to find families for children with special needs and often very challenging medical needs. We were always able to reach Robin or her staff in a timely manner - in fact, I sometimes refrained from sending email at night or on weekends because I knew Robin would reply right away so I often waited until business hours to contact her.

—Adoptive Family of Hopscotch


What a really great agency! Hopscotch has been working hard on our adoption since 2010. Every obsticle that can be thrown at a family trying to adopt has been thrown at us and Hopscotch and their team have gone over and above to help us get through it. Robin Sizemore and the Hopscotch team have a sincere love for the children waiting for families and they fight hard for these children to have a forever home. Their agency is full of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do and it shows.

—Fox Family


I adopted two beautiful children internationally, both through Hopscotch Adoptions, and we are a grateful Hopscotch Family! Their teams, both here in the US and in-country, are wonderful to work with and, both times, really made the process very special. I am an attorney by training and, although I don't have any experience or special training in adoption law, I might ordinarily tend to feel like I should fret about the paperwork. However, right from the beginning, it was clear that Hopscotch does a terrific job of making sure all the details are taken care of -- the great feeling that Hopscotch really is thinking of EVERYTHING let me focus on the amazing journey to become a family. Can I assign a 10-star rating as a write in??

—MO Mom


We have been a Hopscotch family since January 2012, when we saw our daughter on their waiting child listing. They made our commitment and dossier prep easy to navigate, and made adding a second child partway through the process seamless. I've had the privilege of meeting everyone in the office, both at the beginning and again when we had our dossier ready to go, and sitting at the table in the office, whatever question I asked, someone was there who knew the answer or would find it out for me. Even on our trip to meet the kids, I emailed pictures to Hopscotch, and got messages back from everyone in the office. We are still in process, but expect the last few months to run as smoothly as the rest!

—Chandres P.


Hopscotch Adoptions facilitated my adoption of two amazing children. The entire team is so knowledgeable, supportive and committed. They truly understand what the experience of international adoption is like from the parent in waiting perspective. The hopes, the fears, the excitement, the frustrations...all handled with such empathy and compassion. In addition, the team members that are in the birth country are such gems! Our needs were completely anticipated and we felt so welcomed and nurtured. Every person considering international adoption should put Hopscotch Adoptions on the top of their list!

—Forever Family


I adopted two children through Hopscotch Adoptions. The experience was beyond expectations. I would highly suggest anyone considering adopting looking into this organization.

—Lisa Kazazean


Hopscotch Adoptions and Robin Sizemore brought a miracle to my family for which we are eternally grateful!!!! This is an excellent agency and the people who comprise Hopscotch, truly care...It is an agency dedicated to its mission of finding forever homes for children. My association with them was positive and rewarding in every way. I trusted them, and they never let me down!!!!

—Mom to Miracle


"Hopscotch is an excellent adoption agency that cares about finding forever homes for children, and works extensively to find homes for children with special needs. I hold Robin and her staff in high esteem. Unfortunately, there are some anti-adoption people out there who like to make negative comments but this agency is excellent. Unlike many of the bad agencies who have tarnished international adoption, Robin stands behind her agency and its work. She is an easy target because she does not hide behind her agency and she is good at what she does. She and her staff are committed to finding homes for children and NOT children for families"

—Libbey Docs


Launching our adoption journey was a leap of faith in using Hopscotch as an agency. We did not know of anyone at the time who had utilized this agency nor did we know of anyone who had adopted from Bulgaria. Robin and her team at Hopscotch did not disappoint. They were knowledgable and helpful every step of the way. My many emailed questions were often answered within the hour. I always felt that my questions and concerns were important and seemed to be priority to staff. Aside from the level of professionalism shown, we really enjoyed this staff- they are great people!

—Lila's Family


"My sister adopted my niece through Hopscotch and she is a true gift to our family. I was new to the process and it is a very positive experience for our entire family. Thank you."

—Burson Family


We are a past and present Hopscotch family. They helped us with our first adoption in 2008 of our beautiful daughter. Robin and her team were always available to answer our questions and calm our anxieties. Additionally, Robin also does much advocating for children of the world and adoptive families alike, proving they are not just in it for the money. The world of adoption is a better place due to Robin Sizemore and her organization, Hopscotch Adoptions.

—Mahan Family


I had the privilege of utilizing Hopscotch Adoptions for the adoption of my sweet daughter! To say that they were helpful or supportive or caring is an understatement! They walked with me thru the entire process with a gentle understanding of just how difficult it is to wait for one's dream to be fulfilled. Each person I spoke with at Hopscotch was compassionate and understanding as I waited for my referral and elated for me when I received the referral! They all view the children as being precious and treasured...they are very protective of the children and ensure that each child is matched perfectly to their forever family. It is not a thoughtless process of taking papers and just putting them together. I would highly recommend Hopscotch to anyone interested in adopting a precious child!



The first time I talked to Robin was a 2 hour phone conversation. I was alternately thrilled and terrified about the prospect of international adoption, and she was above all else, honest. She is an educator, a sounding board, a resource and a friend... she does what she does for the children, and it shows. To call Hopscotch a breed apart doesn't begin to cover it. Our hearts opened to the prospect of a special needs adoption through Hopscotch's advocacy for children who have no prospects in their country of origin. Today, with our child home, we can't bear to look back and think of what would have happened had we taken a different road. Our daughter is the sun and the moon and the stars (just ask her brother) and testimony to the power of all that is possible with love, patience and the help of an amazing adoption agency. Hopscotch? You've found your great nonprofit winner.



Robin and the Hopscotch staff are genuinely concerned about children, and about creating "forever families." Occasionally I run into someone who dislikes international adoptions, and I reflect that they would have a different perspective if they'd known Hopscotch. After years of infertility issues caused by cancer treatments, my husband and I despaired of adopting children. Everywhere we turned we were told that my history of cancer kept us from becoming adoptive parents. Because of Robin's contacts, reputation, and perseverance, our 10th Gotcha Day is in 2 weeks! I've given up trying to understand how the Hopscotch staff deals so patiently with anxious parents, reluctant bureaucrats, frightened birth families, and literally mounds of paperwork. The staff's care must be genuine because no amount of money can really compensate them for the work they do.



I don't know how to begin to describe the impact that Hopscotch has had on my life. From the moment we first spoke to Hopscotch in 2006 through arriving home with our daughter from Armenia in late 2007, our experience with Hopscotch has been wonderful, easy, first-class. Across the organization, their level of care and attention guided us through the complex international adoption process and really made us feel that they were watching out for us. With something as important as our daughter, I feel that our trust in Hopscotch was very well placed.



My experience with Hopscotch has always been a pleasure!! Robin Sizemore has consistently shown passion for orphans and adoption, as well as the highest level of commitment to excellence. Robin has always been very supportive of Resources4adoption and our mission. She is willing to give of her time and resources to help other organizations like Resources4adoption so we can grow and thrive. She understands the importance of helping others...which means a great deal. Go Hopscotch!

—Cherri Walrod, Founder and Executive Director of Resources4adoption


Robin and her team have amazing systems, tools and talent. I see them go above and beyond in every step of the adoption process. I see great things in this organization. Their focus is always the kids first. Care, love and hope are words often heard and felt around the office.

—Jason Bramblett, Board Member of Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc


Hopscotch became part of our family when it facilitated the adoption of our daughter from Armenia five years ago. The entire team (in the US and Armenia) was ready and willing to support us at every stage of the process, specially during those challenging times when waiting felt unbearable. We are grateful for Hopscotch and its staff for all that they do for families and children.

—Rita I.


Hopscotch Adoptions are great! They are putting a lot of efforts to place the children that have waited the longest and we really appreciate that. They are good professionals and love the children.

—NGO Vesta Foundation of Bulgaria and Partner to Hopscotch Adoptions


My family adopted out of Ghana not once but twice thru this wonderful non profit. Our experience was one of excitement and joy. Our in country coordinator is like family and the agency still remains in close contact with our family. I can not tell you how blessed we were to have chosen Hopscotch :) Thanks for all your support.

—Majoras Family


Robin Sizemore and the staff at Hopscotch Adoptions were always professional, courteous and thorough with our adoption. Any questions or concerns we ever had were answered almost immediately by Robin at any time of the day. Our family would highly recommend Hopscotch as THE agency to use when you are considering adopting. Words could never say enough about the love, passion and caring for the children and families involved by Robin and staff.



"Professional and caring orphan advocates and highly dedicated to facilitating adoptions in the Caucasus region."

—George Yacoubian, Founder and CEO of Society for Armenian Orphan Relief


Hopscotch Adoptions truly cares about children, and their entire staff are dedicated and caring individuals that go beyond for their families. Robin and I met about 5 years ago and connected right away. We shared the same passion and love for adoption. I have traveled with Robin and seen her love and warmth for orphaned children. Robin and her staff have also provided services for our clients and each one of them has been thrilled with their services and staff.

Hopscotch team you are amazing!

—Cara Helberg, Executive Director of Angels Haven Outreach Adoption Agency


I have been a client with Hopscotch Adoptions twice and now a volunteer. I have nothing but the highest praise for Robin and her team at Hopscotch. International adoptions are difficult to navigate and without their services and in-country representatives we would have been lost. We are eternally grateful from our two greatest gifts from God! Without being led to Robin they would not be here with us now. As far as statements made by the last person to post here; APeach, from Georgia I am assuming, I have never met you and don't know your experience. We are from Richmond, Virginia and have found this NC agency to be following all requirements set forth by a non-profit agency without any corrupt practices. Working for a non-profit as a teacher I am very well versed in the laws of what is required of the US government for both children and 501c3's. "If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it." -Mother Teresa Be blessed in finding your love and in helping others.



Finding our son in Armenia was a blessing on so many levels, not the least of which was working with Hopscotch Adoptions. The Hopscotch team in North Carolina walked us through the entire process and was always available for questions and support. Robin Sizemore and her staff genuinely care about the families and children they are reuniting from around the world. And now, thanks to Hopscotch, we have our son who is a miracle, major special needs, big brown eyes, infectious laugh and all. Hopscotch also assisted us in adopting our beautiful daughter from Bulgaria. Again, we had a wonderful experience working with well-respected Robin Sizemore and her knowledgeable, responsive team. Our family would highly recommend Hopscotch Adoptions for an international adoption from any of the countries in which they work.

—V. Martini Family


When you look at the face of your child for the first time, it really doesn't matter how you got there. But the wait, the concerns, the challenges were so much more bearable working with the extraordinary staff at Hopscotch. When we found Sofia, the Hopscotch team cried with us. That's simply who they are, and when you combine that with their intelligence, experience and responsiveness, you understand why they're #1 in their field.

—Elizabeth and Randy S.


Flashback 2006: Hopscotch Adoptions FIRST Adoption Completed!!

Locker FamilyAs we enter this Holiday Season..Our family will be remembering, and giving thanks for our Thanksgiving in Armenia five years ago. It is amazing that it has already been five years...Time flies once your child comes home.

We are blessed to be the parents of two beautiful little boys. Our oldest son Nate came home from the Republic of Georgia in September 2002. After 13 years of waiting we were finally parents! He was beautiful, precious and perfect in every way.

In the summer of 2003 we sent off our dossier for baby number two..This time around things did not go as planned. We spent the next two plus years waiting. With many disappointments, ups and downs...Ending with losing a referral.

All of which, lead us to Robin, Hopscotch and our beautiful, precious, perfect in every way, Armenian Angel! On December 1st, our little guy Chance will turn six years old. His birthday also marks the day we returned home five years ago as a family of four. Tim and I are blessed and thankful for each and every day we have with our boys. They are gifts from God!

Thank you to Robin and her amazing team...Hopscotch. We were blessed to be the first Hopscotch family!

—The Locker Family


Garik When we started the adoption process to adopt our son from Armenia we had no idea we would also be adopting our daughter from Bulgaria at the same time. With the expertise of Robin and the entire Hopscotch team, we brought both home, after a 25 month journey, just 5 months apart. We will always be especially grateful to the in-country team in Armenia for going the extra mile for us and our son. We are very thankful to be a part of the Hopscotch family and would recommend them to anyone adopting. There may be other agencies as good, but NONE better. We thank God every day for choosing us to be the parents of Garik and Nikolina Lackamp.

—M. and S. Lackamp



My husband and I just completed our adoption in Armenia this August. Our adoption was finalized on Aug 19th and we were able to bring our baby girl home. We did our entire adoption through Hopscotch and cannot say enough positive things about the staff here and in Armenia. First of all, we are not Armenian and that was never a factor even once in completing our adoption. Our child was considered a healthy baby girl. She has a bilateral cleft lip and palate, but Aremenia does not consider that special needs. She was 5 months old when we accepted her referral on 12/21/10. We made our registration trip in March 2011, and then made our final trip in August 2011. Hopscotch kep us informed the entire time and worked quickly each time paperwork was received from the various governments. While in Armenia, you have many meetings with various government entities. Every single entity both Armenian and American had the highest regards for Hopscotch. In fact during our US Embassy interview, the Ambassador spent some time telling us how, Hopscotch's in country team always does things exactly right and that they do not have to worry any time he brings in a family. I cannot say enough positive things about Hopscotch and Armenia. There are so many orphans in Armenia that need good families so please strongly consider them.

—Jennifer B.


I recently brought my daughter home this past May, she is completely healthy, ahead of many children in her abilities (speaking, knowledge, awareness, health, walking, eating,etc...)

The process does take time honestly, it is not a 40 week pregnancy, but rather a 2-3 year gestation period. It is hard to wait, I know! But, honestly, it is sooooooo worth it! I am in awe on a daily basis how blessed I am to have my daughter...if the process went any faster I would not have my gift from heaven! It is worth it and I pray that God will give each of you the peace & patience as you wait for your angel to come home. You do not want the child that is not meant for you & your family, so rest in knowing that your perfect child may not have even been born yet! Pray for him/her and the birth mother...I believe it makes a huge difference!!

One really important thing to know, (in my opinion:)...the children are so well taken care of at the orphanage! It makes a difference...my daughter was loved so deeply by the workers that her heart was open & able to fully love me as her mother! This is an amazing blessing! She has attached beautifully to me with so much ease that I sit back and am beyond grateful to each of them. She knew love and is able to fully love!

I utilized Hopscotch Adoptions for my in country process...both here and in Armenia was a smooth and easy process, it took time for sure but I did not have any complications or difficulties. They made it so very easy for me! It was a joy! All of my appointments were handled with so much professionalism. I was treated with respect & care the entire time! And I must say that by the officials in country I was treated with kindness, care & dignity. The Embassy knows the workers from the agency as ones who value the children above & beyond anything else!! They (Hopscotch) ensures that all of your paperwork is prepared properly & legally, there are no manipulations or improper handling of the documents. Everything is legal & ethical...if it were not, then I would not have used them at all!

I pray that this is an encouragement to you...I apologize for the length of my post:) I just really want to convey that there is an amazing child that will come home to you one day, I pray soon!

—Susan D.


Hopscotch Adoption, Inc. is an AMAZING organization that is takes professional to a whole new level. You become part of their family as you grow your family.

—Jennifer O.


We love Hopscotch and have yet to have a "worse" part....knock on wood :) We brought a sibling group of three brothers home last August (ages 10 8 5) and are bringing their friend home this August ( the 5th to be exact )....4 new sons in a year :) Each process has taken about 9 months. We were blessed to have good luck and we feel we owe it to the wonderful work of Hopscotch. We would not have used them a second time if we were not thrilled. Robin, the director, is a gem. She is very knowledgeable...as is her staff. She does not hesitate in responding to your questions and concerns and if she doesnt know...she will find out SOON!!! Believe me...i always have tons of questions for her.We love Ghana and the incountry coordinator as well. He is Ghanian and a riot!!! He is sweet, fun, hard working, smart, and knows what he is doing and does it well. He is not bad to look at either....lol. We enjoyed spending time in Ghana and i am very much looking forward to making my last trip in a couple of weeks. It is a friendly country and the children are sooo appreciative. If you have any questions...please feel free to call. WE also live in Tennessee.

—K. Majoras

When I began my adoption journey, I was both intimidated and nervous from so many troubling stories I had heard and read, but from my very first conversation with Robin I knew I was in the right hands. For me what can be an 'adoption nightmare' has been nothing but a dream come true. From the start I was supported emotionally and practically; through the will-it-ever-happen-for-me jitters to the mounds of paperwork, I always felt I had a friend and a helping hand. Once I arrived in Armenia to meet and then bring home my child I was met by a team that was both wonderfully kind and amazingly competent and I never wanted for anything. They were able to anticipate my needs before I knew I had them and saw me through every step of the way. It was for me an amazingly smooth ride, culminating in the miracle of my beautiful daughter.

I can offer no truer testimonial than the fact that I am now in the process of adopting a second time, and I never for a minute considered any agency to help me but the wonderful folks at Hopscotch!

—S. Pritchett


We are so happy to have worked with Hopscotch on completing our adoptions. They have allowed us the opportunity to become a family to two wonderful children (a boy and a girl) from Morocco. This was a roller coaster ride of emotions, but we were well prepared for the ride from the advice and education requirements from Hopscotch. While we were in a pilot program, we felt that we could trust Hopscotch and its in-country partners to lead us to completing our adoption. Robin was always available to answer any questions or concerns if needed and in-country we had a fairly smooth process as well. (of course, some bumps in the road were expected in a pilot program and in any adoption) Everyday we when look at our kids, we are thankful! We would be thrilled to work with Hopscotch again to adopt another child! Thank so much Hopscotch for all you do in bringing loving parents to children who just need to be loved!

—Lisa C.


We now have our baby girl home from Armenia and she is an absolute delight! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The agency was so incredibly supportive of us throughout our process and we feel like they are all members of our family. When we traveled, the Armenian in-country team was flawless as well. Couldn't have dreamed up anything better if I tried and even got home four days earlier than planned. This agency has so much to offer its clients. They're hard to beat! Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—H. Taylor


Finding our son in Armenia was a blessing on so many levels, not the least of which was working with Hopscotch Adoptions. The Hopscotch team in North Carolina walked us through the entire process and was always available for questions and support. Robin Sizemore and her staff genuinely care about the families and children they are reuniting from around the world. The facilitators in Armenia were warm and considerate and helped us through the wait between trips with invaluable updates about our little boy. And now, thanks to Hopscotch, we finally have our son who is a miracle, major special needs, big brown eyes, infectious laugh and all.

—Viviane & Craig Martini, parents to Rex, adopted from Yerevan at 28 months old


We are incredibly thankful to Hopscotch for all the work that went into bringing our son home. As an early Bulgaria family, we knew that there would be unexpected bumps and hurdles, but through it all Robin and Hopscotch remained our rocks. As second time adoptive parents, we visited Hopscotch and chose them based on their high level of integrity and experience. We would certainly do it all again!

—Barry D.


I strongly recommend Hopscotch Adoption Agency. Robin Sizemore was the facilitator for both of our adoptions from Georgia. Hal was adopted in 2001 at 10 weeks and Rose in 2003 at 16 weeks. Although the programs have changed over the years, Robin has been in the forefront of the changes and has been continuing to work with Georgian adoptions when other agencies closed their programs.

I absolutely trust Robin. Although we have no interest in adding a 3d to our family, if we did, it would be through Robin's agency.

—Gayle Tuch


My husband and I have chosen to work with Robin Sizemore and Hopscotch Adoptions for both of our international adoptions. We now are a complete family with a son from The Republic of Georgia (adopted ’03) and a daughter from Armenia (adopted ‘07). We are thrilled to have worked with such a dedicated group of people and strongly recommend their services. We now have the family we always prayed for and are thankful for all that they have done to make our dreams come true.

Our adoption road was never easy nor without setbacks, disappointments, bouts of tears and heartbreak. Any adoption horror story that you could think of—we went through it. Robin and Hopscotch Adoptions were right there with us and helped us deal with what ever was happening and in the end to create our beautiful family. Through out everything we always felt supported and cared for. We trusted that everything that could be done was being done for us. Looking back, I am thankful to have been in such experienced care, I am not sure we would have continued had it not been for them.

Our first travel experience to The Republic of Georgia was wonderful. We stayed in an apartment with a nanny and were very well taken care of. The people in country worked hard to make sure we experienced the culture and saw as much of the gorgeous country side as we could, knowing that we would want to share this with our son as he grew. The food was excellent and it is a trip I will never forget. We were able to adopt Joseph at the age of 2.5 months. He was well cared for and is a healthy growing boy. He is gorgeous, intelligent and full of life!

We recently traveled to Armenia to adopt our little girl at the age of 11 months. We were able to return home right before her first birthday. She is behind developmentally but is making enormous gains each day. She has the most beautiful eyes and is happy all the time. It is pure joy to be with her. Our experience in Armenia also was wonderful. We stayed in an apartment in the center of the city and were constantly looked after. The in country workers were wonderful and thoughtful. We were also lucky to have the opportunity to meet with several other families that were adopting at the same time. It is such an experience and wonderful to share it with others going through it as well. We traveled with our son and my mother. Hopscotch made it as easy as it can be—while traveling with a 4 yr old.

Each day I thank the stars and the heavens above for bringing these children into my life. I was made to be a mother and now I am! All of the pain and tears are gone and only happiness and love ahead! The road that felt never ending has now been traveled and seems like only a small part of our past. My family has so much to look forward to—thank you Robin and Hopscotch!

—Scott and Jennifer Ames


Robin and her Armenian team gave my husband and I the precious gift of becoming parents. They are exceptional at what they do and we couldn't be happier about our experience with them. Our attorney went above and beyond to help us in the adoption of our son and daughter and we are eternally grateful. Robin's team not only navigate the choppy waters of international adoption but are deeply committed to the well being of each and every child they place in a forever family. Every child they find a home for is remembered with love; the Armenian team create families and they love doing so; it shows in their treatment of these children and the families taking them home.

—Aram and Christina Papazian 


We adopted our daughter in the Spring of 2003. Our trip to Georgia was one of the most wonderful adventures of our lives. Robin Sizemore, along with her team in the country, made sure everything went according to planeven when the plans were changed. Her knowledge and expertise of the country and the adoption process in Georgia is invaluable. I highly recommend Robin and Hopscotch and would use her again without hesitation.

Lili McCutchan


I always knew that I wanted to be a mom and ever since I was a teenager I wanted to adopt. I started all of my paperwork with complete elation. As the time drew near for me to pick up my daughter I became very anxious. I was frightened that I would forget something or not know what to do in a foreign country. I had never traveled very far from home. I was entirely at the mercy of my team. From the moment that I left the airport for Armenia, I was accompanied by a Robin Sizemore with full support. She literally held my hand and wiped my tears on the flight over. She gave me the assurance and self-belief that I needed to be a mom. When we arrived in Armenia the entire team knew exactly where to take me and what I needed to do. I was guided every step of the way with complete confidence. They handled everything for me. They made a task so arduous and emotional, virtually effortless. I really felt like my team cared about me and my daughter. I consider them all friends for life. I will forever be grateful to the entire team that supported me in my journey. When I am ready to adopt again I would, without a doubt, use Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.

—Michelle Thomas


"In September of 2003, my husband and I traveled to Georgia to adopt our second child. At time of travel, the birth mother program was closing which in turn caused numerous problems with the adoption finalization. Robin Sizemore, liaison between our agency and the Georgian adoption Team, traveled to the country to assist our family and many others with completion of their adoptions. Robin was with us from the moment we stepped off the airplane, until our time to come home. We strongly believe that without Robin's love and commitment to this lovely country, it's beautiful children and the families she serves, we would not have this wonderful boy in our family today! We are forever grateful to Mrs. Sizemore, our nannie, translator, driver and the rest of the amazing team in Georgia for making our adoption possible!"

—The Meiggs, North Carolina


We used Robin Sizemore and her Georgian team for the adoption of our beautiful son in 2003. The team kept us informed on the process and worked very hard to ensure our adoption and time in-country went smoothly. Our memories of the beautiful country and our amazing adoption are due, in part, to the professionalism and outstanding service we received from Robin and her team. We consider Robin part of our extended family.

—The Terhune Family, Shelbyville, Kentucky


When a foreign government tried to prevent my daughter from receiving a visa to leave Georgia, Robin Sizemore stepped in and worked with the U.S Embassy until the visa was secured. After arrival, my daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness. Robin cheered us on through the treatment and continues to monitor her progress. Robin Sizemore will always be a cherished friend of our family.

—Barb Hauck


There is one word that describes Robin and her team in Armenia: AMAZING. We adopted twins in April 2003 and Robin was our only contact that was honest during the roller coaster of events that come with adopting. Every step of the journey Robin was not only caring and supportive, but she was REAL. She really went to Armenia and held and loved our children in the orphanage, she really told us what to expect in terms of a time-line, and she really understood when we were frustrated. What we love most about Robin is her heart. She has a special love for every child that comes home to their forever family and this starts from the day you sign your application and lasts forever. She still gives us advice today as we face different adoption issues with our children. Robin and her team in Armenia will care for your family from beginning to end. They will find you the child God has for you and bring you together forever! Thank you Robin and Armenia team for our children. We love you and you are a blessing to many families!

—Jeff and Cynthia Dillon, Florida


With love from the Safonte family:

We adopted a baby-girl from Armenia in 2005. Anna, our daughter, is the love of our life. We had an amazing, and most positive experience and a lifetime of priceless memories in our hearts. Everyone (the attorney, facilitator's, translator's, social workers, in-country staff...) was so loving, helpful, and kind to our family. They will always and forever have a place in our family's hearts..and we absolutely look forward to going back to Armenia someday (soon) and showing Anna her home-land.

—Love, M,J,A, Safonte, New York


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