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Hopscotch is a collaborative undertaking by experienced professional and volunteer child advocates. Each partner working with Hopscotch has been involved in orphan relief and adoptive placement of children; most are adoptive parents as well. Hopscotch represents their commitment to placing orphaned children from the Armenia, Bulgaria, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Morocco, Serbia and Ukraine with loving families in the U.S. and abroad.


An important part of that commitment is helping to prepare our client families to be great adoptive parents. We are equally passionate about providing direct humanitarian aid to the children who remain in orphanages.

". . .Allow me to comment on the services and support from the [team in Armenia]. They are both knowledgeable, experienced professionals. They provided the perfect balance of emotional support and legal direction. At the end of the day, on that specific day, I’m there to appear in court. If I can’t get over that hurdle, I get no prize. And as a lawyer, walking into any court, I have to feel prepared. I felt that and felt confident with the direction and counsel of [the Armenian team]. There really is no other way to go through this process. " --LV

". . .When you look at the face of your child for the first time, it really doesn't matter how you got there. But the wait, the concerns, the challenges were so much more bearable working with the extraordinary staff at Hopscotch. When we found Sofia, the Hopscotch team cried with us. That's simply who they are, and when you combine that with their intelligence, experience and responsiveness, you understand why they're #1 in their field." --Elizabeth and Randy S.

". . .We are so thankful for the wonderful gift of our children and it would not have been possible without Hopscotch." --Kathy S.

". . .As we enter this Holiday Season. . .Our family will be remembering, and giving thanks for our Thanksgiving in Armenia five years ago. It is amazing that it has already been five years. . .Time flies once your child comes home." --The Locker Family

". . .We did our entire adoption through Hopscotch and cannot say enough positive things about the staff here and in Armenia." --Jennifer B.

". . .I utilized Hopscotch Adoptions for my in country process...both here and in Armenia was a smooth and easy process, it took time for sure but I did not have any complications or difficulties. They made it so very easy for me!" --Susan D.

". . .We now have our baby girl home from Armenia and she is an absolute delight! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The agency was so incredibly supportive of us throughout our process and we feel like they are all members of our family." --H. Taylor

". . .Finding our son in Armenia was a blessing on so many levels, not the least of which was working with Hopscotch Adoptions. The Hopscotch team in North Carolina walked us through the entire process and was always available for questions and support." --Viviane & Craig Martini, parents to Rex, adopted from Yerevan at 28 months old

". . .When I began my adoption journey, I was both intimidated and nervous from so many troubling stories I had heard and read, but from my very first conversation with Robin I knew I was in the right hands." --S. Pritchett

". . .We are incredibly thankful to Hopscotch for all the work that went into bringing our son home. As an early Bulgaria family, we knew that there would be unexpected bumps and hurdles, but through it all Robin and Hopscotch remained our rocks." --Barry D.




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